Artist In Residence

Are you looking for a place to dive into your creative process?  With peaceful grounds and inspiration all around, the setting can provide a backdrop for your artistic flow.


If you are a single artist traveling and looking for a quiet cozy space to write, draw, paint, photograph, or design, you may enjoy the Teahouse.  If you need a bit more space to unfurl we recommend the Garden Cottage which has more room to move and a dedicated desk area.

If you desire a bigger space to engage in your craft, the Main House or the Ohana House with their expansive views and large lanai may be the best fit.  No matter the space, the energy of the land and the stunning views are sure to inspire and assist in your creative endeavors.

The beautiful island at Honaunau Farm
The beaches next to Honaunau Farm

Local Inspiration

The farm is near several stunning beaches and two national parks, Honaunau National Park and Volcanos National Park.  Honaunau park has a beautiful picnic area with palm tree shaded tables and a serene environment for all manner or artistic creations.

Volcano National Park has dramatic lava flows and many perches where writing, drawing, and painting would flow with ease.

The photographic potential of the area is immense for those with a love of capturing raw nature.

Come Stay With Us...

We are here to help you relax and regenerate in paradise.